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Lorenzo di Bonaventura Launches Timely Graphic Novel ‘Guntown’

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Submit your Halloween costume photo along with a brief description and you Email Address or Username. Remember Me. Log In. Exclusive Content Please login or join the Cyber Army to get access. Last Name. A lot of suspect science in this volume, and it got a bit melodramatic in places. The good characters continue to be interesting, but the badies are as one-dimensional as ever.

The art is as amazing as ever, but some of the science exposition had photo-realistic images with clashed with the rest of the comic. Three stars is probably being harsh, but this is definitely the weakest volume yet in my mind. Apr 17, 47Time rated it it was amazing Shelves: comics-fiction. The homeless guy is a religious zealot who has it in his head to punish Julie for a reason only he knows. He overpowers her and tries to get her part of the alloy, but is rejected by a large blast. Dillon also confronts her, scared of her abilities, and gets gravely injured. She heals him with a hug.

They both experience visions of Annie, so Julie decides that the answer is in the facility where the alloy was developed, called HeNRI. Ivy is following the traces of their blasts. She de The homeless guy is a religious zealot who has it in his head to punish Julie for a reason only he knows. She deduces that Annie's DNA is in the alloy.

She gets a call that her daughter is in hospital, so she puts the job on hold. Tests on Julie's toothbrush come in from the lab and her cancer markers are gone. Ivy hopes that the alloy can heal her daughter too. At HeNRI a gun is developed to turn the alloy into a harmless liquid.

It also kills the wearer, but the boss of the institute doesn't care. The employees that monitor Julie's house find that she and Dillon have returned home.

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Ivy gets there first and convinces Julie that the alloy has healing properties. Apr 08, Aaron rated it it was amazing Shelves: terry-moore. Things really start to heat up plotwise in this volume, all without Moore losing any of the character momentum he's been building for the previous three. Everything that's been bubbling under the surface starts to boil over, we get some real answers about the suit and the HeNRI project and just what the hell everyone is hoping to gain here, as well as insight into Annie and her motivations before and after the destruction of the suit in the first issue.

It really feels like Moore waited the ex Things really start to heat up plotwise in this volume, all without Moore losing any of the character momentum he's been building for the previous three. It really feels like Moore waited the exact right amount of time to start answering questions. This series is basically perfectly paced, leading you down a path of mystery and intrigue for 3. One big difference going forward is, I expect the final two volumes to be pretty breakneck.

It feels like we've entered the third act of a movie, and everything's coming to a head. I'm just excited to be along for the ride. Aug 22, Shannon Appelcline rated it liked it Shelves: comics , comics-indy. Four volumes in, halfway through the series, and this one feels like more setup: Julie goes on a road-trip to be infodumped more details on the plot, and a cavalcade of supervillains lines up to give her problems So, this one is a fine enough continuation of the story, but there's more water treading than I'd like this deep in and not enough surprise.

Oct 23, Ian first person omniscient rated it liked it Shelves: new-uncanny-amazing-action-comics. This is Julie, she is a damsel in distress. Unfortunately, she is also supposed to be the heroine. This panel sums up Julie and her actions to date. Despite the radioactive non-Newtonian liquid metal suit that not only protects her from a fusillade of gunfire but also blows apart anyone trying to do her harm with lightning, Julie still relies on the wits and support of someone else pretty much at all times.

If the character of Ivy didn't balance her out, I would really wonder about how Mr.

Abrams to produce adaptation of Grunberg graphic novel - Collider

Moo This is Julie, she is a damsel in distress. Moore views women. So far I am not seeing the subtle yet deep characterizations that so many reviews talk about but possibly that is me. The good guys are likable enough but it all feels like standard fare on the humanistic end of the story. The sci-fi aspects and the fact I already own the run is close to all that is keeping me reading. Two and a half stars.

Jan 27, Andrew rated it really liked it Shelves: graphic-novels-comics. This volume gets quite violent, and view spoiler [there are many deaths of likeable characters.

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May 25, Rolando Marono rated it really liked it Shelves: image. The good: -The interaction between characers. A real improvement. The bad: -The villains still are unidimensional. Jul 19, Darinda rated it really liked it Shelves: comics.

A government conspiracy. Science fiction. Fun stuff. This volume contains issues Mar 24, Fran rated it it was amazing Shelves: c-gn , graphic-novels. First, this opens with an issue that made me well up. I love the fact that Ivy is a mother and is also going all around the country with her Sherlock-like mind. It's fantastic to see such a positive female character being both an excellent mother and excellent at her job.

It's not that every female character should be those things, it's just that these are the things that she wants to do so she can, of course, do them and there isn't any nonsense about it. So long as a person is doing what Gosh.

FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics - Wikipedia

So long as a person is doing what they want and are happy then no one should tell them that they shouldn't, or can't, be doing what they're doing. Which is why it's also so lovely in this issue to see Pam so happy with Lulu, as she's clearly getting an echo of what she loved to do, and what she wanted to be, which is to be a mother to her children. I routinely mention how amazing Terry's art is, because it is, but there's sequence at the start of this volume that really illustrates why his work is something really special. As Julie is taking off her top layers so she can have alloy-to-skin contact with Lulu her hairband is knocked backwards from pulling her clothes over her head.

It's touches like that which make the characters so real, the fact that Terry has observed and understood what happens when someone wearing a headband takes their top off! And then, after her headband is sitting on the back of her head, Pam very sweetly removes it for her.

It's such a touching detail.