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Pierre Albert-Birot.

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The First Book of Grabinoulor. Barbara Wright in consultation with Arlette Albert-Birot. Preface Barbara Wright. Postface Arlette Albert-Birot. Normal , IL. Dalkey Archive Press. French Literature Series. First paperback edition. Like its author, Grabinoulor has been rediscovered only in the last few decades. Originally published in SIC in , it did not appear in English until Smart, joyous, playfully philosophical and completely without despair, the novel follows the character Grabinoulor, "the happiest man in the world," as he travels through time and finds poetry wherever he goes.

Rafael Alberti. City Lights Books. Originally published in , Concerning the Angels revealed an element of Surrealism and disgust unseen in Alberti's previous poetry. Carolyn Tipton. The poems on colors take the form of numbered lists, each item of which names either a use to which a certain painter has put the particular color, a specific shade taken by the color in painting or in nature, or an association the poet has with the color.

The poems dedicated to the various tools a painter uses take the form of a sonnet. Each sonnet begins with the words "To you" and is written as a sort of extended toast to instruments and concepts like the paintbrush, the palette, proportino, and perspective. The third group of poems, those dedicated to painters, is dramatically varied.

Alberti imitates through his words the style of the painter he is addressing. To Painting: Poems by Rafael Alberti. Carolyn L. Cloth: ISBN Each poem in this collection is inspired by one of three different elements of painting: poems about color take the form of numbered lists of the uses to which a certain painter has put the particular color; poems dedicated to the various tools a painter uses are written as traditional sonnets; and poems dedicated to painters imitate the style of the painter being addressed.

He has also authored 24 volumes of poetry, a handful of plays, and a 5-volume autobiography. Curbstone Press. The poems not only summon their shared past in vivid detail, but also ponder the meaning of death and separation, as well as the yearning for eventual reunion. Sholem Aleichem. Aliza Shevrin. Syracuse University Press. Library of Modern Jewish Literature. Menachem-Mendl is one of Sholem Aleichem's most delightful literary creations, a dreamy optimist who travels to New York and across Eastern Europe in search of an elusive fortune at the approach of World War I.

ISBN 13: 9783596148424

His wife, Sheyne-Sheyndl, and children are left behind in the shetl of Kasrilevka. Written in and previously unpublished in the United States , the book consists of Menachem-Mendl's letters home and his wife's often tart replies. Through the eyes of this shrewd, small-town Jew we see events leading to a cataclysmic war, which include his uncannily familiar treatment of conflicts in the Balkans. Aliza Shevrin's translation captures the idiomatic richness of the original Yiddish and brings Aleichem's vanished culture to vibrant life.

Shevrin has translated and published five novels and three collections of children's short stories by Aleichem, as well as stories by I. Ted Gorelick. Ken Frieden. Cloth: Judaic Traditions in Literature, Music, and Art.

Fado Alexandrino

As early as , Sholem Aleichen began using the term monologue to describe his short first-person narratives in a quasi-oral mode. But not until three years before his death did he employ this key word in the title of a set of works in his collected writings. From Aleichem's collected works, which span 28 volumes of novels, plays, and essays, the present translation makes available one of the most important volumes of his prose monologues. His greatest achievement was to evoke the voices of Yiddish speakers, and nowhere does he create a more distinctive cast of characters than in these monologues, which tap into the essence of Yiddish language, literature, and culture.

Jacques Stephen Alexis. Carrol F. Caribbean and African Literature Translated from French. The first novel of Haitian novelist Jacques Stephen Alexis appears here for the first time in English. General Sun, My Brother opens as Hilarion is arrested for stealing a wallet and imprisoned with an activist named Pierre Roumel—a fictional double for the novelist Jacques Roumain—who schools him in the Marxist view of history.

On his release, Hilarion meets Claire-Heureuse, but their life together is plagued by small disasters and soon they emigrate and become embroiled in a strike that ends in the "Dominican Vespers," the massacre of Haitian workers by the Dominican army. Alexis disappeared at age 39 and presumably died at the hands of Duvalier's Tontons Macoutes. Darwin Flakoll. Richly symbolic, the poem celebrates the joy and poetry but also evokes the trauma of Latin American history.

Idris Ali.

nierefreiribas.gq Peter Theroux. University of Arkansas Press. In this, the first Nubian novel ever translated, Awad al-Shalali, a Nubian worker in modern Egypt , dreams of Dongola—the capital of medieval Nubia , a culture lost to flood waters of the Aswan High Dam.

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In Dongola, the Nubians of old reached a zenith, defeating and dominating Upper Egypt. Halima, Awad's wife, deals with the reality of today's Nubia , a poverty-stricken bottomland, where women remain at home in squalor, dominated by the Islam of their conquerors and ignorant of the glory now covered by the Nile and its reservoirs.

Through his characters' pain and suffering, and with a keen sense of history's absurdities, the author paints a compelling story of lost lands, impossible dreams, and abandoned lives. Dante Alighieri. Robert M. Oxford University Press. Introduction and Notes by Ronald L.


Martinez and Robert M. This first volume of this new Divine Comedy presents the Italian text of the Inferno and, on facing pages, a new prose translation. Martinez and Durling's Introduction and Notes are designed with the first-time reader in mind but will be useful to others as well. The concise Introduction presents essential biographical and historical background and a discussion of the form of the poem. The Notes are more extensive than those in most translations currently available, and they contain much new material. In addition, 16 short essays explore the autobiographical dimensions of the poem, the problematic body analogy, the question of Christ's presence in Hell, and individual cantos that have been the subject of controversy.

Attributable to Dante. Santa Casciani and Christopher Kleinhenz. Notre Dame. University of Notre Dame. William and Katherine Devers series in Dante Studies, vol. This is the first English translation of Il Fiore, the late 13 th -century narrative poem in sonnets based on the Old French Roman de la Rose and the Detto d'Amore, a free-wheeling version of many Ovidian precepts of love in rhymed couplets. The elaborate allegory of the Fiore presents the complex workings of love, understood primarily as carnal passion, in the human psyche through the use of personifications of a wide array of characters who engage in various social and bellic interactions.

The importance of these two works lies in part in their possible attribution to the great Florentine poet Dante Alighieri, but even if he is not the author, the Fiore is a valuable witness to the literary taste and cultural concerns of medieval Italy and to matters of poetic influence and reception among different literary traditions. Joseph Tusiani. Di Scipio.

The poems contained in this volume represent Dante's earliest attempts at the art of dire parole in rima, as he strove to achieve his poetic mission of raising the Italian vernacular to a level of dignity volgare ill ustre achieved partly in Vita Nuova and fully in the Divine Comedy. Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy. Indiana University Press.

Volume 4- Purgatory: Commentary. Indiana Masterpiece Editions. Volume 3 of Indiana 's 6-volume edition of Dante's Divine Comedy is a dual-language version of the Purgatory that provides the opportunity to read Mark Musa's new translation against the original Italian verse.

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Volume 4 consists of Musa's extensive commentary on the Purgatory, which is informative for the general reader as well as the student of Italian or comparative literature. Musa examines and discusses the critical commentary of other Dante scholars and presents his own ideas and interpretations, shedding light on the text as well as on his own translation. City of Ash [Peleno Miestas]. Writings from an Unbound Europe. His defial of traditional capitalization and punctuation may be read as a rebellion—conscious or unconscious—against the regulations imposed by the Language Commission in Lithuania , which controls such matters.

These poems are neither surrealistic nor stream of consciousness but are, like cities themselves, "concatenations of non sequiturs. His first, Equinox, won the Zigmas Gele prize given annually to the best debut book of Lithuanian poetry. Edwar al-Kharrat. Girls of Alexandria. Frances Liardet. Quartet Books. Girls of Alexandria takes us back to the world celebrated in al-Kharrat's earlier novel City of Saffron , that is the Alexandria of the '30s and '40s. The protagonist is Mikha'il whose narration weaves and loops back to his earliest childhood days.