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  2. Est –il temps de déconstruire les mythes de l’histoire du droit français ? - [email protected]
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For my thoughts on the importance of reinforcing ancestry and genealogy with a solid understanding of history I borrowed liberally from a combination of lectures by the historian Timothy Snyder, most notably Why History Matters and Remembrance, History, and Justice: Coming to Terms with Traumatic Pasts in Democratic Societies. Edited and with an Introduction by Robert Bly. New York: Harper Perennial, , pp. Orange Park Florida : Quintin Publications is a good place to start.

Astérix fête (encore) son anniversaire

See pp. The quotes from La Hontan on the vetting process for prospective husbands and the preference for farm girls appear on p. The description of the notary process is provided on page Toronto: Doubleday Canada, Costain is largely known as a writer of fiction however this is a work of narrative history though without the benefit of references. His colorful characterization of urban girls can be found on page For his coverage of women and their ties to the family see pp.

The quote from Jean Bodin and the bishop appears on p.

Est –il temps de déconstruire les mythes de l’histoire du droit français ? - [email protected]

His coverage of childbirth and midwifery appears on pp. See Gauvreau, Danielle. New York: Oxford University Press Sharp was a seventeenth century midwife in England but her work derives from other sources such as The Compleat Midwifes Practice which relied on French sources. According to Elaine Hobby, Sharp reworked portions of the book into her own p. The concern was that the length should be neither too long nor too short, p. For the use of butter or other oils as lubricants see p.

The positioning of the mother and the supporting women is described on pp. For the post birth instructions and procedures see pp. Trudelle's characterization of Charlesbourg is found on page 5 footnote 1 of his Paroisse De Charlesbourg which is available both online via Google Books or via Nabu Public Domain Reprints. Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository. All images are credited in the main body of the texts. All transcriptions and translations were graciously provided by Christine Reno. Bibliography for Famille: De La Mare. This website is constantly being up updated with new information.

Orange Park, Florida: Quintin Publications For the quote on the ratio of men to marriageable women see page The characterization of the Filles du Roi as orphans and payment to recruiters is on page For the pensions to large families see page The discussion questioning the Norwegian origins and the weakness in the position put forth by D.

The quote from T.

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New York: Fall River Press , p. The surname De La Mare varies throughout the historical records as well as in modern day. Paris: Librairie Larousse , pp. Series G, G and G are available online. Construction for the structure was begun under the English during their occupation of Rouen and Normandy during the Hundred Years War Despite the tough economic times of the period, the Dufour family of Rouen continued to direct its resources and attention to the construction of the church.

Rouen: Editions Maugard, The many images from the parish registers are appropriately referenced in the main post. My continued thanks to Professor Christine Reno for her expert paleographic and translation assistance. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, The percentage of Protestants in in Rouen and the anticipated triumph of their Protestant cause to transform France can be found on pages The description of Catholic efforts at summary executions of Protestants and the rescue efforts by Protestants as well as the quote describing the Protestant actions at the Corpus Christi Day procession are found on pages See p.

Stanford: Stanford University Press, , pp. Davis records one instance in Aix-en-Provence where a group of female butchers beat and hung a wife of a Protestant bookseller. His coverage of the St. His characterization of the post massacre period through the s as relatively peaceful is on page The quote regarding the role of notables bourgeois and marchands appears on page 6. Another useful source for this period is Lloyd, Howell A. Oxford: Clarendon Press, Lloyd covers the cosmopolitan nature of Rouen on pages Capturing Rouen was essential to this goal.

The structure of government and the balance of power between the King and the different layers of local and regional governments is essential to understand in order to fully grasp the effect of the spread of Protestantism and the Wars of Religion as well as the efforts of the French Kings to exercise their authority and power to govern the people of France directly rather than through intermediaries. I was able to verify the parish entries for her other siblings all of which are available online.

The references are:. For information on transatlantic voyages see Moogk, Peter N.

His characterization of churchwardens and fabriques can be found on page PhD Dissertation, The data for the children comes from a combination of the Drouin collection and Ancestry. Orange Park, Florida: Quintin Publications pp. Trudelle, Charles, Paroisse de Charlesbourg. Paul It is self published and is available online at Ancestry. Although perhaps less useful from an analytical perspective, I have found it worthwhile to review earlier accounts of the Carignan-Regiment as the style of historical writing differed in the late 19th and early 20th Century. Historians from this earlier period were more prone to inserting extended quotes from primary or contemporary sources which can be a goldmine for those who do not have ready access to national or local archives.

Montreal: Lovell Printing and Publishing Company Not just religious in focus, she documents in some detail on the daily activities of the colony for an extended period of time. Dominic Kelly published by Irish Ursuline Union, The work of William B. Munro is available via Google Books and through Archive.

Toronto: The Champlain Society , p. Much of the content in this post relies on research I conducted over five years ago in which I relied on a number of other online resources for quotes and narrative overview which are no longer valid URLs. Several of these quotes and much of the narrative can also be found in Verney. Ducharme He profiles Guillaume on page Unfortunately he also cites as the year of birth. I am grateful to Dominique Ritchot of Fichier Origine for providing me with the correct baptismal date for Guillaume and for the link to the Saint-Jouin parish registers in the archives.

They were probably destroyed or lost at some point in history.

The best guess places the baptismal date for the paternal Guillaume in the period of This is based upon the understanding of the relative ages of marriage during 17th Century France. The historian Pierre Goubert has noted that women married at a later age during this period, usually between the ages of 23 and 25 while men usually married between the ages of 27 and The marriage date of Guillaume Regnault and Susanne De La Haye is not found in the parish registers of Saint-Jouin though it probably occurred either in or given the baptismal date of their first child Anne on February 1, I soon abandoned taking notes in favor of photocopying entire chapters of the book for later reference.

He covers the age of marriage on page 64 and the death of a child on page He notes that much of the time the parents did not even attend the funeral as they are not noted on the burial entry in the parish records. Verney's coverage of soldier recruitment appears on pages , 11 and I think this is improbable given that Guillaume would only have been 16 or 17 years of age.

The most direct evidence that Guillaume was already in Canada before the soldiers arrived appears in Trudel. In footnote 87 on page Trudel lists Guillaume Regnaud as one of 12 habitants who enlisted. Trudel's book contains over pages of text plus what could be a valuable bibliography. Unfortunately my ability to read French is limited and such a tome would take me years to finish though I have no doubt the volume would prove illuminating.

Toronto: University of Toronto Press, , pp. Bibliography for Evenement: Charivari and Youth Groups. The two main sources used for this post are Davis, Natalie Z. It was translated from the French by Christine Reno. The original French is. Quand ils ont sceu au village. Que ce mary. Ils ont faict charyvary. Fidler, eds. Roland Bonnel and Catherine Rubinger, eds.

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  6. Patricia J. Catherine R. Delia Gaze, ed. Nicole Garnier-Pelle et al. Deborah Emont Scott, ed. Joseph Baillio et al. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, , , , , repro. Jessica Lynn Fripp, ed. Object Date: Medium: Oil on oak panel. Spencer and the generosity of Mrs. George C. Reuland through the W. Brace Charitable Trust, Mrs. Herbert O. Object number: Current Location: G, P Description A young woman is shown out of doors, the background a cerulean blue without any indication of a landscape.

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    The three-quarter-length figure is shown in profile to the right, and she stands next to or up against a stone ledge, like a tabletop, upon which she has just set a large, woven straw basket filled with peaches and grapes which she, supposedly, has just gathered in the fields. She turns her head and gazes serenely outwards at the viewer, a half-smile barely parting her lips and revealing her front teeth.

    Her costume, though considerably idealized, is that of a shepherdess. On her head is a wide-brimmed straw hat, kept in place by a voluminous chiffon fichu that envelops her tumbling dark hair; the ends are rather loosely tied up in a knot at the woman's bosom.

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    She wears a scarlet skirt and black velvet bodice over a white silk chemise that emerges from the bottom of the right sleeve and also at the shoulder of the same arm, where it is enlivened by three thickly painted bows that match the skirt in color. Like the Duchesse de Caderousse, who is portrayed in this portrait, she was charming and pretty, and became a personal friend of the French Queen Marie Antoinette