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Unfortunately, I did not receive the answers I was looking for, maybe because it was difficult to interact due to the language barrier. I subscribed to this group. A group of parents who live my own experiences, where I met Jennifer Sills, a super mother who is creating something great to help all our children and thanks to whom I met the wonderful person, Chloe, who helped me to translate this story.

I read immediately all the stories published since the creation of the group. I felt less alone but at the same time frightened by the large number of symptoms that fortunately Samuel did not have, but that terrified me thinking it could happen any time. As far as I can do on my own, I am trying today to support research, to bring knowledge and awareness in Italy, or at least in a part of it, on this rare genetic disease.

Samuel has grown and exceeded all my expectations. He is a lively child who loves to play. He loves cars and his little horse toy and enjoys experimenting with his hands. He speaks very well and is starting to build sentences. He loves to color and to listen to music and he moves well to the beat.

Samuel has been suffering from sleep disorders these past months. It takes him a while to fall asleep. Often he wakes up in the middle of the night with his eyes closed and sits on the bed with a stiff body and does not want to be touched. He then calms down and comes in our bed a lot of the time. He has a minimal renal pielectasia of about 9mm, the upper gingival arch is slightly protruding and has not yet received his second molars.

e-book I Disturbi da Alimentazione Incontrollata (Italian Edition)

He chews well enough but not well enough to be able to eat a larger size of pasta or pieces of meat. He often grinds his teeth. He is nervous especially with me. His behavior sounds very similar to an autistic child I know. He has been constipated since he was born. As a mother I notice and I pay attention to everything, and that might be wrong because observing your child constantly under a magnifying glass is not very healthy. Mi chiamo Rossella e sono la mamma di Samuel un fantastico bambino di 2 anni. Facemmo 2 ricoveri per effettuare esami approfonditi ed escludere altre malattie.

A novembre del ricevemmo gli esiti degli esami genetici, Samuel era affetto dalla malattia genetica rara chiamata Sindrome di Okur — Chung, una malattia neurologica ci spiegarono, scoperta nel , nel suo anno di nascita, della quale si sapeva poco o niente. E il mio bambino sarebbe stato felice? Sarei riuscita a comunicare con lui?

Carocci, Roma Google Scholar. Fairburn CG, Cooper Z, Doll HA et al Transdiagnostic cognitive-behavioral therapy for patients with eating disorders: a two-site trial with week follow-up. Fennig S Can we treat morbid obese children in a behavioral inpatient program?

Clinical trials

Gaggioli A, Mantovani F, Castelnuovo G et al Avatars in clinical psychology: a framework for the clinical use of virtual humans. Clin Evid Online Google Scholar. Psychological treatments for bulimia nervosa and binging.

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Katan MB Weight-loss diets for the prevention and treatment of obesity. Munsch S, Roth B, Michael T et al Randomized controlled comparison of two cognitive behavioral therapies for obese children: mother versus mother-child cognitive behavioral therapy. Nardone G, Watzlawick P The art of change. Strategic therapy and hypnotherapy without trance. Nardone G, Watzlawick P Advanced brief therapy.

Cos'è il binge eating e perchè non è solo fame nervosa

New Jersey Google Scholar. Ogden J, Hills L Understanding sustained behavior change: the role of life crises and the process of reinvention. Pi-Sunyer X The medical risks of obesity. Rationale, clinical approach, and controlled clinical trial. Salvini A Psicologia clinica. Upsel, Padova Google Scholar. Sarwer DB Comment on: brief, four session group CBT reduces binge eating behaviors among bariatric surgery candidates.

OCNDS journey in Italy - CSNK2A1 Foundation

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