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And she's a good writer. Powerful combination, that. This list could go on forever, so I'll stop there. How long does it take you to write a review from start to finish? What is your process? My writing, whether for articles, reviews, or when I was a student essays and research papers, never really follows a process.

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I rarely, if ever, use outlines, and when I do, I find that I end up re-organizing the entire flow of my argument anyway. When I finally sit down to type it all out, it generally takes me less than 30 minutes, but that's because I've had it growing in my head since I started reading the book. What do you want readers to get out of your reviews?

I hope that I can provide some insight into both the content of the book and the writing style of the author. I'm tired of reading reviews that talk only about the plot I've read enough books with good plots and poor writing to last the rest of my life, and with so much talent out there, I think writing style is as important as plot - if not more so.

I hope that that is reflected in my own writing, and that readers can find a few books that catch their interest. Why did you sign up for the BBAW interview swap? I love the idea of BBAW, and spreading the word about the growing community of book bloggers. And I always love getting to know another blogger, so it seemed like the perfect fit!

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I am a HUGE Weather Warden fan and this being the last book in the series definitely makes my number one book for this year with out a doubt! Although I am sad to see my fav series come to an end it was most definitely bitter sweet: I recommend reading this series if you have not already. Heck contact me at papercutreviewer gmail. Wow well I always loved reading books since I was a wee lass, lol! I guess I just took it to another level when I started blogging then I started writing reviews for Bitten by Books for a few months and had a blast!

Believe me it took weeks before i could finally decide on a name, lol! You never really realize how hard picking a name can be! After bouncing names back and forth with my husband Paper Cut Reviews was born! I fell in love with this name instantly and knew the gimmick would attract attention:. So any age and gender can relate to at least some aspect of my blog. Actually I read at least one popular book a month and the rest are what I feel like reading.

I love to share my opinion with others about books!


What better way to connect with people then by being honest and open about a book you may like or dislike. I have actually found a lot of new authors by just talking with other bloggers so you can imagine how large my TR pile is Let me first say I love so many different blogs and these guys and gals that put all their time and effort into maintaining a very informative and interesting site are simply amazing! Thank you! Here are a few I follow on a daily basis:. Well it takes me at least three days to write a review.

When I read I write notes constantly! So After I'm done reading a book and before I start the review process I go through my notes and pick out what I would like to add to my review.

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I just want readers to use my reviews as a aid to hopefully help them decide on what books they would want to read. If I can point someone in the right direction then I am Happy. Pretty simple really. I love finding out about new blogs and interesting bloggers so this seemed like a great way to do that:. Labels: book blogger appreciation week , entomology of a bookworm , interview swap , kerry serini , papercut reviews , stephanie mckeehan , tribute books reviews and giveaways.

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Sometimes a character is left in the dark throughout an entire novel. She may be a college graduate, but her intuition is sorely lacking. She is more aware of the brand name fragrances people are wearing than their ulterior motives. When pitted against a master manipulator, this kindergarten teacher doesn't stand a chance. Little does she know that she is on a collision course with one such smooth operator.

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Sean Beauvais is the disinterested father of Monica's favorite student, Roman. Sean is known around town as a notorious ladies man. He owns a real estate firm and lives on Milwaukee's exclusive Lake Drive. Using Roman's well-being as a bargaining chip, he virtually forces Monica into the role of live-in babysitter. But living in an opulent mansion is anything but paradise. The two bicker constantly. Sean insists on knowing where Monica is and what she is doing at all times. To say he is cramping her style is putting it lightly.

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This controlling behavior sends Monica over the edge. Not having family as a support system, she vents to her lifelong friend, Keisha. The two go way back. Keisha was there for Monica when she had a baby while in high school. Monica's son was given up for adoption, and Cornelius, the baby's father, infuriated by the decision walked out of her life.

PDF Magnetic Repulsion 100 Poems From Desire to Disgust

Keisha realizes that beneath the verbal sparring Monica is falling for Sean. I knew something was going on up in that house. Kelly, wiggling her neck and snapping her fingers. Yet he begins to make a series of odd requests. Roman is to call Monica, "mommy. But Sean also begins to open up sharing how his native Haiti influences his taste for home decor to the music of Wyclef Jean. She learns that Sean is a triplet and gets to know his brothers over impromptu breakfasts. She is encouraged to mingle with his mother and sister at a backyard barbecue. Everyone begins to feel that she has become a permanent part of their lives.

But Monica resists their gravitational pull. When the summer ends, so does her commitment to Sean and his son. However, Sean doesn't agree. He uses every trick in the book to get Monica to stay. Frustrated at not getting his way, he explodes and the two go their separate ways on the worst of terms. Yet Monica is intimately connected to Sean and Roman in ways she cannot even imagine.

The flaw is that she is so unbelievably blind she is unable to see what is right in front of her face. Yet be forewarned, the ending is worthy of the Lifetime movies Monica is so fond of. Overall, fighting leads to passion leads to WHAT?!?! A c omplimentary review copy was provided by Pump Up Your Book. Congratulations to our winner: Patsy Hagen! Labels: african american novel , book giveaway , book review , chick lit , pump up your book , romance novel , secrets on lake drive , tina martin , tribute books.

Wednesday, September 8, Blogmania Giveaway Preview. Your book is published. Your Author Toolkit is filled with services and promotional tools to help you promote your book, while optional marketing services and products are just a click away. Hawkenson, author of Magnetic Repulsion: Your first name and email address is all it takes to join our growing author community, for instant access to free ebooks, publishing reports, advice, and industry connections.

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source link Ultimately, Hawkenson edged out Neal as the final votes poured in. Follow the Author We also want to thank the authors of all the other video submissions. Self Publishing Author Videos But the delicate balance between love and companionship eventually tips the scale to hate and repulsion. Warlord Rising; Writing Successfully in Science.