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  1. How to Know If You’re Making the Right Decision
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  3. Right Decision Quotes (11 quotes)
  4. Right Decision Quotes
  5. Don’t obsess over the two extremes: correct and incorrect decisions

I had lived in fear for the majority of my existence. In fact, fear is safe. It kept me securely in the life I felt like I was suffocating in.

I knew exactly what to expect. Why step outside for fresh air if there is no guarantee that that air is not poisonous? Who does that? Maybe I do. Or at least maybe I could ask. So I asked the question to myself out loud and then I took the fear out. Completely out. No worries in the world, fairy tale ending out.

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How to Know If You’re Making the Right Decision

I had to conceptualize what the fears looked like and what they actually were. What if I tried and I failed? What would I do? How would I feel if managed on my own and figured out each step of the way? I also worried about the lack of emotional support and wondered if I would come home from work each day crumbling and crying and not be able to parent my children effectively. I had always had a partner, someone to rely on and to pick me back up when I fell. I felt like a failure even before I tried. What if I relied on my friends and family—and what if I relied on myself? And I knew it was possible they could be true.

This Quote Is From

When we tell ourselves lies, it feels awful; when we speak the truth, it is light and freeing. Each truth I spoke felt closer to answering my own question. I saw them each, one by one, stand up to me. There were so many. And then, one by one, I asked them to leave the room. And there came my answer: it was time to let go. It was not an answer I particularly liked, nor was it easy. But it was honest and it was accurate. Our heart always knows the answer when we gain the courage to even ask.

Since that day, I have been faced with a multitude of opportunities to use and teach this technique. It has never steered me wrong. And throughout making the changes, I had to walk through those fears with each step.

Right Decision Quotes (11 quotes)

They appear over and over again and need to be confronted on a regular basis. Living in fear is not far from not living at all. The answer is consistent. I am the woman I would have envied from afar. I chose to take the fear out and in turn, chose to live as myself. Making a big decision?

How to know if you're making the right decision - MEL ROBBINS

Thank you for the wonderful insight! Hi Marie!

My dilemma today is choosing which job to go for. Thanks and hope to hear what you and your followers have to say. I hope the tips in this episode can help you tease this out a bit more. Deciding on a completely life-changing scenario: divorce. I feel that I should, and I feel expansive and lighter about it.

Divorce and major changes to your relationships or family life can be difficult to navigate, but if a divorce is ultimately the best solution, it can be approached with as much sensitivity and care as possible to help everyone involved cope and heal. Oh, this is good, Marie! Most timely for this waffling individual. And then the best case scenario just flowed. I think this can reveal a whole different fear for people. For me the best case scenario would be that I live the lifestyle I have been dreaming of. Success can be scary. I may lose friends or people may think less of me.

If the decision will make me happy then, I will do it. Right now I have a big decision to make about applying for an apartment out of state. Within two months when the apartment is ready for me to move in that I will have the income and all the money that I need to move.

I have been trying to move out of state for the past 25 years and something always gets in the way of me moving. If everything works out than I will have accomplished one goal this year.

Right Decision Quotes

Living in another environment, I believe will be better for me and my new career. Good day Marie. The light comes a little later. It also comes partly from R.

Don’t obsess over the two extremes: correct and incorrect decisions

I have the feeling that both approaches connect to the 4 steps you highlighted. Giving it some time leaves an area for the body and the mind to express themselves over the idea. It then takes some skills and practice to listen to the answers that come from within.

Of course, the decision has as many sides as a polished diamond, or at least more than two. It is definitely not a coin with only two sides to it… BCS screams at me that I will get a job that comes in as some sort of a reward for all the things I learnt since I moved to Australia, including financially. I will probably be able to buy a house that suits my family and our many activities.

I will be able to re-connect with friends with which I have been blessed to stay in touch over 10 years! I will be able to walk back in our cultural habits that we so dearly miss: Walk to a bakery and get a baguette and two croissants for our Sunday breakfast. Visit Europe in short haul flights, when 4 hours of flight does not even get you out of Australia!!! We will have to live through the struggles of the Administration to come back to life into the Social Security: register or get registered, subscribe, wait, iterate.

That definitely sits in the B- and the W-CSs. Sincerely yours, R. Excellent breakdown and tips. Have been listening your your Tuesday treats for for awhile now. But I gotta say this one in particular was right to the point. Great, simple techniques that cover the bases when having to make a BIG decision. Thank you, Marie! Thank you so much for this episode!

You never fail to encourage me. I big reason why I started my business was because I began watching you. A few years ago, I was really unhappy at my job, but during that time I rekindled my passion for art. The expansion that you mentioned in the beginning is exactly what I was feeling, I needed to go and I need to pursue art!

I was very nervous leaving a steady job to pursue a passion. I kept playing every scenario in my head, and it only gave me a headache. I knew that the best way I can gain clarity was to pray for guidance and to engage in this passion and see if more doors opened for me. New goals are arising, so more decision making, and more engagement! Marie, you are the single most important, most influential person to have come into my life in recent years. I felt every part of myself expand when I thought about taking B-School in and I have continued to feel this growth and joy in my life ever since.

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Ever gratefully yours, KT x. KT, thank you so much for your kind words. The four tests you shared are really helpful. I am considering the decision of open a flower shop and it comes just in the right time to apply. Best, Hong Anh. For me, it comes down to how I feel when I first hear about the option. Get my point? I took notes and plan to try this system out.