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How does he manage to do this with no survivors to interview and with no details available about the ship's final hours of existence? A good deal is known up to a certain point: the layout of the Andrea Gail; the routine of a previous outing; how the crew members spent their time before leaving Gloucester, Mass.

The Perfect Storm Movie Review

Junger nicely paces his narrative by interrupting it with histories of Gloucester, of the New England fishing industry and its gradual decline, and of the development of long-line fishing -- dragging a mile-long monofilament with up to 1, baited hooks. He creates a distinct atmosphere when he writes: "At dinner the crew talk about what men everywhere talk about -- women, lack of women, kids, sports, horse racing, money, lack of money, work. They talk a lot about work; they talk about it the way men in prison talk about time.

The Perfect Storm

Work is what's keeping them from going home, and they all want to go home. There's no sound but the smack of water on steel and the heavy gargle of the diesel engine. For information beyond what is known of the Andrea Gail's destruction, Junger turns to "people who had been through similar situations and survived.

Perhaps most compelling of all, he explains in concrete detail why hurricanes blow, how waves rise, what happens to boats in a storm and the way human beings drown. Thus he is able to reconstruct what he calls "the zero-moment point.

After this calamity, the narrative of "The Perfect Storm" abruptly shifts its focus to describe a couple of heart-stopping rescue attempts, one of them successful, the other a costly fiasco by pararescue teams from the New York State Air National Guard. What is particularly impressive here is the dedication of professional storm watchers to save any human life at sea, no matter what foolishness or bad luck led to the trouble. Despite the upbeat ending of "The Perfect Storm," what lingers is a sense of the cruel indifference of nature.

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Here's the difference. He wants to bring a billion people to digital payments. Germany relies heavily on exporters that sell a disproportionate amount of goods to China and the United States, which are locked in a bitter trade war. Lackluster global auto sales have also hit the country's carmakers.

Fears of a chaotic Brexit are hurting too. The risks of Trump's trade war gambit with China. Germany is not the only victim of the storm. Last month, the International Monetary Fund cut its global growth forecast for this year and next, citing the impact of trade conflicts.

The Perfect Storm

If the US-China dispute were to escalate, it warned that global growth in would be reduced by half a percentage point. Central banks around the world are now racing to get ahead of the storm clouds.

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