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Can we say, in a mystery, the guidance toward this moment of initiation is a guidance toward a inner part of Soul where the inner form of this initiation has already happened? May we hear redemption as an act of return? Along these same lines the process of redemption seems a process of purification where overwhelm may be eventually translated into Holy Awe and Wonder, into a pure call in to the mystery.

I heard in recent conversation that this process corresponds to the development of the Subtle Body, a Body that begins to embrace and arise from more and more subtle realms of consciousness. I am intrigued then by the transition points of water, rivers and fire in this development and how this development is a journey beyond yet at the same time a return. In this, as Elder Gideon is drawing out, can we we say "dry land" has much to do with a grounding in these various subtle realms and because of this grounding the ability to transition becomes available? This reminds of the teaching of the journey through the heavens, it is said that in order to even transition to the "next" heaven one must be able to imagine it even exists.

Can we say this is also part of the development of the Subtle Body, that to even expand into more and more subtle realms of consciousness one must be able to first even imagine that realm exists. Is this part of not being overwhelmed? Holy One let us pray many this day are taken up by your Holy Awe and Wonder, abiding in Joy in your endless mysteries! Shalom, Elder Sarah. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you.

I give Egypt as your ransom, Ethiopia and Seba in exchange for you Isaiah, The wisdom shared in this stream of posts has been especially powerful, and particularly beautiful, for me! Praise God, and wise community for this ongoing offering! I am drawn to the reference to Jacob and Israel at the beginning of the passage. On first pass I heard this as a reference to the redemption of both the individual Jocob and the community Israel. But with the son of Isaac having both names Jacob and Israel, I feel there must be something here about two aspects of the individual being redeemed.

Rabbi Isaiah Horowitz in Generations of Adam points out that Jacob and Israel can refer to the murky-outer and pure-inner aspect of the body. Here, as I understand it, Jacob and Israel are associated with the subtle inner body of light and the outer body and nefesh, and also the inner and outer aspects of Tiferet. There Tau writes: There are two aspects of Tiferet, a lower, outer aspect, and an upper, inner aspects, and so also this is true of ruach, our spirit or intelligence, Jacob and Israel correspond with these two aspects. And also, When a person cleaves to the Messiah and Holy One, the outer aspect of Tiferet is drawn into their physical body and the inner aspect is drawn into their body of light as it is generated; thus, receiving their anointing, they receive influxes of Tiferet and the lower Sefirot of the Six, and through Tiferet they also receive influxes of the upper Sefirot of the Six, as well as the Supernals.

I wonder what these wonderful insights about the deeper meanings of Jacob and Israel as inner and outer aspects might offer to our present discussion about redemption? I feel also that there is an important relationship between these inner and outer aspects and the two layers of purification - water and fire - discussed above, and would appreciate help clarifying this intuition? I pray for, and give great thank to, any clarity that might come! My love to you all! My gratitude to you all! Mark Daniel-. When we receive our anointing, and specifically the full influx of the Holy Spirit, we are empowered with Mercy and Judgment - the power to release and retain sin or negative karma; hence, the fullness of Rehamim-Compassion Tiferet.

As the Gospel teaches we are baptized with water and the Spirit - water and fire, purified by living waters and consecrated by fire, the Spirit of God; and so we are reborn from above, from heaven, and we bear the authority and power of the kingdom of heaven as ordained by El Elyon, the Supreme. Many receive their initial anointing, or experience of light transmission, but do not co-labor with the Holy Spirit to bring their initiation to its fruition, they do not labor for the greater realization of their soul, the full generation of nefesh elokit godly soul and the cultivation of their ruach human and divine intelligence , and therefore do not draw out the light of their neshamah heavenly soul, divine nature.

School of the anointing

When we receive our initiation, anointing, our soul is stirred within us and awakened, but we must engage in the work of salvation and co-labor with the Spirit for the realization of higher and higher gradations of soul, or nefesh, ruach and neshamah. As is known, it is neshamah and the inmost aspects of our soul, yechidah unique essence and hayyah living essence , that is inseparable from the spiritual powers of heaven and the Supernal Abode; thus ultimately we labor for the realization of neshamah, for in this is the enlightenment and liberation of the soul in the Messiah.

Integral to this is the cultivation and realization of nefesh and ruach - the vehicle, as it were, for the embodiment of neshamah. Thus, we labor for the realization of nefesh-ruach-neshamah of nefesh, and nefesh-ruach-neshamah of ruach, for it is through this that we are able to reach into neshamah, which holds the full power promised in these verses - the powers of heaven enlightenment.

As we know, our supernal zelem, image, is associated with neshamah, and so also our true spiritual name, and it is neshamah that is already redeemed, already anointed with the spiritual powers of heaven and the palace of the Messiah, the Supernal Abode. In terms of the experience of an expansion of consciousness, or an ascension of consciousness, this is the cultivation of outer and inner ruach, which the opens to neshamah; in this is the realization of Supernal Habad - wisdom, understanding and knowledge.

The very nature of not being overwhelmed or consumed is the Wisdom of Ain, the realization of the Ain Nature of all that arises and appears; in this realization one abides free from attachment or aversion, free from self-grasping, and there is only the radiant display of the Holy One, radiance of the Supernal Crown - nothing but the Supernal One. These were a few thoughts I was inclined to share this morning.

Shalom Aleichem! Post Reply.

Prayer for anointing

Jump to. In order to understand how rich and beautiful this promise is we need to understand the Old Testament background. Thank you that you have put your Holy Spirit in my heart. In the Old Testament, three groups of people were anointed: kings, priests and prophets.

Matthew 1:18

Through the work of the Holy Spirit in us, we are all now anointed with a kingly anointing , a priestly anointing and a prophetic anointing. The Holy Spirit urges each of us on in our battle against temptation, sin and evil. You can call upon the Holy Spirit to help you when you are tempted, knowing that he will come alongside you and give you strength to overcome.

Jesus fulfilled this priestly anointing by dying as the lamb of God whose blood was shed to take away our sins. This was a unique and final sacrifice for sin. There is another sense in which the priestly anointing comes on us, the church. The Spirit urges Jesus and the church to pray.

In your prayers you have a priestly ministry as an intercessor for the people before God. Each time we tell a friend about Jesus, invite them on Alpha, for example, or speak into their lives in some way we are acting out this calling. Lord, help us today in the battle against sin.

Anointing Seven Steps To 2-23-97

Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Help me to fulfil the kingly anointing in the battle against sin and evil.

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Help us also in our priestly anointing to pray and worship. Help me to be more faithful in praying for others. Help us in our prophetic anointing. Help us to bring good news to the poor, to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim freedom to the captives and to bring the oil of gladness instead of mourning and despair Isaiah —3, Luke — Life is going far too quickly. So is our holiday. It will soon be remembered no more. But, thankfully God is everlasting v. Skip to main content. Anointed by God August 27 Day Experience now the promises of God 2 Corinthians Do you realise that all the promises of God are for you?

Pastor Chris - #4 The Anointing

You have a kingly anointing for the battle against temptation, sin and evil Hezekiah was the anointed king. The king was to lead the people in all their struggles and battles. They restored the Temple and celebrated the Passover and got rid of all the false idols You have a priestly anointing to pray and worship The priests in the Old Testament, and in this passage in particular, were anointed to be the mediators between God and human beings.

We see here that they made sacrifices of bulls, lambs, goats, and so on onwards.