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Our faculty is composed of working professional artists and scholars who share a passion for teaching and who strongly believe that the arts serve as an expression of our culture's values and heritage. The College of Visual and Performing Arts' long-standing tradition as a center for quality creative expression and Winthrop University's commitment to arts education and outreach combine to create a rich artistic environment that inspires students to achieve their academic and artistic goals.

We invite you explore our website to learn more about the College of Visual and Performing Arts' programs and activities. Arts at Winthrop. Calendar of Events pdf. Degree Programs. He decides to go get some to the source, in China!

Milano 7 Piece Queen Bedroom - Java

At the wheel is Icarus, a chimpanzee hell-bent on transcending the limits of speed. Aboard iconic and increasingly powerful vehicles, Icarus will attempt to reach the ultimate speed of Mph, thought to be impossible for land vehicles. As Icarus reaches for the sky, will he prevail or be consumed by his self-destructive quest? Deloitte invited Onesal to design and animate the brand film for the campaign.


Our task was to illustrate new technologies and its impact in the world in an optimistic, inviting way, showing how decisions we make today, make tomorrow. Starting with a green dot, we did an abstract exploration of the evolution of the dot from different perspectives. This work specifically focused on Kiriko Japanese cut glass and Kumiko Japanese wooden lattice work. Both are characterized by expert craftsmanship featuring intricate geometrical patterns. This project used a computer algorithm to describe and recreate these traditional patterns.

To simulate the traditional patterns, it focused on a technique called an L-system, which is normally used for modeling and simulating the growth of plants in the field of computer-generated imagery. An L-system can generate a string of characters by rewriting itself based upon a specific grammar. Also, by replacing the character strings with a geometry, it enables to generate complicated two- and three-dimensional structures.

July 12222

In addition, L-systems can easily display the process of the growing shapes as an animation. Based on the above characteristics, I was able to simulate not only the geometrical patterns of Kiriko and Kumiko, but also the process of their pattern growth. To describe the patterns using an L-system in more familiar terms, I used an approach of emulating a growing tree. I defined grammatical rules by considering the pattern of a plant growing branches from the trunk and then buds and flowers blooming from the branches.

All of the patterns in this work were generated using a single L-system with a modification of the grammatical rules. The patterns created are faithful to tradition and are found in real artifacts in Japan.

Arts Calendar: Sept. 11-21

However, one day a research by phylogeneticist Dr. Kays proves otherwise. During 's Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico's lights went out. In the days, weeks and months that followed, NASA researchers developed neighborhood-scale maps of lighting in communities across Puerto Rico.

Series 400 gallery

They monitored where and when the electricity grid was restored, and analyzed the demographics and physical attributes of neighborhoods longest affected by the power outages. These regions are primarily rural in the mountainous interior of the island where residents were without power for over days.

Sunday, , bowdoin. Tuesday to Saturday; p. Jud Caswell, 8 p.

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Folk Artist Garnet Rogers, p. Zapion Middle Eastern Ensemble, p. Los Galactacos, p. Mill 3 Fort Andross, Brunswick. Stringbenders, strummers, pickers, and percussionists exploring an atlas of music. Open mic sign up, p. Forgot password? Subscribe now. Subscribe Login.

Get Bach.

Anywhere a sign? Rock Row steps up promises to improve concert noise.

Annie Lapin | Shulamit Nazarian

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