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  2. Views within Islam and Hinduism.
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Chapter 13 - On cheating the Daityas. Chapter 15 - On the truce between the Daityas and the Devas. Chapter 17 - On the questions asked by Janamejaya. Chapter 3 - On the Daitya armies getting ready.

Questions tagged [narada]

Chapter 1 - On the war counsels given by Indra. Chapter 20 - On the peace of the world. Chapter 28 - On the description of the fighting of the goddesses. Chapter 10 - On the phase of Karma. Chapter 11 - On the ascertainment of Dharma. Chapter 18 - On the origin of the Haihaya Dynasty.

Views within Islam and Hinduism.

Chapter 19 - On the origin of Haihayas from a mare. Chapter 20 - On the son born of mare by Hari. Chapter 1 - On the Solar and Lunar Kings. Chapter 2 - On the piercing of the eyes of Cyavana Muni. Chapter 5 - On the getting of youth by Cyavana Muni. Chapter 34 - On the Knowledge and Final Emancipation. Chapter 35 - On the Yoga and Mantra Siddhi.

Chapter 37 - On Bhakti Yoga. Chapter 39 - The Worship of the World Mother. Chapter 1 - On the description of the worlds. Chapter 2 - On the uplifting of the Earth by the Sacrificial Boar. Chapter 3 - On the description of the family of Manu. Chapter 4 - On the narration of the family of Priyavrata.

Chapter 5 - On the description of the receptacle of beings and on the mountains and on the origin of rivers. Chapter 6 - On the rivers and the mountains Sumeru and others. Chapter 9 - On the narration of the division of the continents. Chapter 15 - On the motion of the Sun. Chapter 16 - On the motion of the planets. Chapter 19 - On the narrative of the Atala, etc.

Chapter 21 - On the narrative of hells. Chapter 22 - On the narrative of the sins leading to hells. Chapter 23 - On the description of the remaining hells. Chapter 8 - On the greatness of Kali. Chapter 10 - On the offences caused to the Earth and punishments thereof.

Chapter 11 - On the origin of the Ganges. Chapter 27 - On the birth, etc. Chapter 32 - On the enumeration of various hells for sinners. O Ministers! What am I to do now? Is it advisable to give over my daughter to the Muni? Or is it better to suffer these pains? Judge and say what is the best course for me. What shall we say in this critical juncture? How can you bestow your exceedingly beautiful daughter to that ugly unfortunate ascetic? Why are you looking so sad with cares?

Perhaps you are very much troubled and sad for me. O Father! I have pained that Muni; so I will go and console him; what more than this that I will give up myself at his feet and please him. O Daughter! The Chyavana Muni is blind, aged and of a worn figure, especially of a very irritable temper; and you are a mere girl; how will you be able to serve him in that dreadful forest?

You are like Rati in beauty and loveliness; how can I bestow my daughter to that aged worn out, blind Muni for my own pleasure! The father marries the daughter to him who has got relations, who is of a proper age, strong, who has got unequalled grains and wealth, gems and jewels; never to a man void of wealth. O broad-eyed One! You are exquisitely handsome; and that ascetic is very old; see what an amount of difference lies between you two.


The Muni, moreover, has past his marriageable age; so how can I give over my daughter. O Lotus-eyed! You always dwell in beautiful places; how can I now make you dwell for ever in thatched huts? O Cuckoo avoiced one!

Himalaya Tirtha Sangha - Esoteric School of Yoga, Tantra & Ayurveda

Rather will I and my soldiers die than to bestow you to that blind husband. Let whatever come it may, I will never lose patience; therefore, O One of good hips! Be quiet. I will never give you to that blind man. O my Daughter! Do not trouble yourself for nothing with cares on my account.

Give me over now to that best of Munis; then all the persons will be happy, no doubt. I will derive my intense pleasure there in that dense forest by serving with intense devotion my old husband, who is very holy. I have got not the least inclination towards these worldly enjoyments which are the sources of all troubles for nothing, My heart is now quiet. Therefore, O Father! I will become a chaste wife to him and act according to his liking. The Ministers were greatly amazed on hearing these words and the King also became greatly pleased and took her to the presence of the Muni.

Chyavana Muni also became very glad to receive her. Thus the Muni became pleased; immediately the soldiers began to evacuate and were very glad. Seeing this, the King's heart became filled with joy. When the King, thus finishing the betrothal ceremony of his daughter wanted to return home, the thin bodied princess then told her father Take away all my ornaments and clothings and give me for my use an excellent deer skin and one bark. I will dress myself like the wives of Munis and serve my husband in such a way as will bring to you the unparallelled undying fame in Heaven, Earth and the Nether regions; also I will serve my husband's feet so that I can derive the highest happiness in the next world.

I am now full of youth, especially beautiful; do not think a bit that as I am wedded to an aged ascetic, that my character will be spoilt. As Vas'istha's wife Arundhati has attained celebrity in this world, so I will also attain success; there is no doubt in this. The King could not help weeping, when he saw that his daughter had dressed herself like the daughter of a Muni. He stood fixed, very sad, on that very spot.

All the queens were exceedingly filled with sorrow to see the daughter dressed in bark and deer-skin. Their hearts quivered and they began to weep.

He went with a grievous heart and returned to his own city, accompanied by the ministers. When the King S'aryati departed, that virtuous lady devoted her time in serving her husband, and the Fire.

She gave to the Muni for his food various delicious roots and fruits. Seat made of the Kus'a grass. You are now to perform your daily rites Nitya Karma. Next the princess brought fresh ripe fruits and cooked rice, grown without cultivation and gave to the Muni for his food. Next she made him sit on an excellent seat, and with his permission, performed her own bodily purifications. Order me what can I do now for you? If you like, I may shampoo your legs and feet.

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At evening when the Homa ceremony was finished, she collecting delicious and soft fruits presented to him to eat. With his permission she, then, ate that were left of the fruits; next she prepared bedding soft to the touch and gladly made him sleep on it. When his dear husband thus laid himself on the bed, she shampooed his feet and legs and in the interval, asked him about the religious duties of the chaste wives of the family. When the Muni fell asleep in the night, she devotedly laid herself close to his feet and slept.